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Why outsource with GPG

Global phoning Group

Why us ?

For any company that chooses a nearshore (or even offshore) service provider, the main objective is to focus on its core activities and business, while achieving operational efficiency gains, and therefore, cost reductions – thanks to recourse to this outsourcing.

Here are 10 Key Elements that will allow us at GPG to commit to effective results for our Customers :

1. Flexibility/Agility

Quick adjustments to the number of hours worked and the number of operators, according to your organizational needs (depending on seasonal factors, in particular) – therefore, we can manage your ascents or descents under load. Agility according to the processes required by your business. Our role is not just limited to providing services, but also offering you our expertise and advice to find the best solutions in terms of business process outsourcing.

2. Experience

With 15 years of experience in Outsourcing for small, medium and large companies, in industrial fields and various processes, we have developed our service offers and offered new services over time: Digital agency (in particular, the creation or redesign and update of sites, translation services, outsourcing of accounting services etc.). This experience is also the result of the professional experience gained by our teams, many of whom have been with us for many years (x% of our management comes from internal recruitments, while occasionally integrating external talents with high VA). At GPG, increasing skills is not a concept to be explored, it is the pillar of our HR policy !

3. Cost

Very competitive price, adjustable according to the destination where we are going to process your files: possibility of processing certain services in locations selected according to their nature and/or your budgets. We can allow you a substantial reduction in your operating costs, especially compared to single-site or single-region suppliers (strong dependence on local geopolitical stability, social or inflationary risk taking).

4. Quality

The quality of GPG services comes from the high level of qualification of its staff (on average a Bac +4). Our activity (contact center, BPO/KPO) attracts highly qualified people. In addition, GPG’s experience and its stable management make it possible to have highly qualified staff available. It is noted that all staff are fully trilingual and sometimes more. Finally, the quality of services is guaranteed thanks to our systematization of quality control in all of our contracts and SLA (Service Level Agreement’) measured by ad hoc indicators (or KPI).

5. Loyalty

The service providers recognize that the most revealing indicators of the level of quality / satisfaction is the age of its partnerships. A loyal Customer clearly indicates that he is satisfied with the services he receives at GPG. We are very proud to have Customers who have trusted us for a long time – sometimes a very long time. Most often, our collaboration is subject to confidentiality and non-competition agreements because the trust of our Clients is essential: our loyalty to them is essential.

6. Proactive and Responsive

We guarantee a very short project lead time and always try to minimize the initial project investments. Note that we do not charge any ”Administrative fees” or ”File opening fees” like most competitors, especially with large service providers. We are also very responsive thanks to our multiple locations for your loaded ascents and/or descents. This flexibility and responsiveness are in the DNA of our company and, once again, we are here to be your partner. Finally, our experience of these professions allows us not only to help you in the implementation of your projects and their management but we are also able to advise you effectively to find the best solutions to optimize the implementation of your projects.

7. Reliability

Solid technology enhanced back-office administration operations.

8. Capable Infrastructure

Effective bandwidth at affordable prices, coupled with optimum speed that can be efficiently conjoined with your organization’s CRM support requirements; Effective bandwidth and international fiber, voice and data connections redundant in the countries, where we are established. We also have telephony management solutions provided by recognized service providers.

9. Proximity

Relocation of your organization’s non core support operations to a nearby country, thereby reducing traveling costs and benefiting from the region’s closer cultural compatibility.

10. Uberization

Set-up of a virtual contact center to link freelance workers and Customers, who wish to bypass traditional intermediaries.

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