Why outsource with GPG

Global phoning Group

Why us ?

For any organization that chooses nearshore support their principal goal is to focus on core activities while achieving operational efficiencies and economies of scale from their service provider.

Here are 10 Key Attributes that GPG Rates Highly On:

1. Flexibility

Quick adjustments to the number of hoursand the number of professionals, required by organizational needs (depending on seasonal factors);

2. Experience

10 plus years of supporting clients, representing numerous industries and engagement requirements;

3. Cost

Highly competitive prices and utilization value. Customer’s operating cost reduction by up to 70%;

4. Quality

Identical or even superior quality compared to Western Europe, since this type of activity attracts only qualified and motivated people in this region, with high skills levels in the spoken foreign languages;

5. Loyalty

Most of our clients have been with us for years: Argus de la Presse, Auxipress, Easy Fairs, Promodentaire, Gas Natural Fenosa, Orange, L’Oréal, Axiatel, Telecom Italia, etc;

6. Proactive and Responsive

Rapid implementation of projects (minimal set-up time), thereby minimizing initial project investments;

7. Reliability

Solid technology enhanced back-office administration operations;

8. Capable Infrastructure

Effective bandwidth at affordable prices, coupled with optimum speed, that can be efficiently conjoined with your organization’s CRM support requirements;

9. Proximity

Relocation of your organization’s non core support operations to a nearby country, thereby reducing traveling costs and benefiting from the region’s closer cultural compatibility;

10. Uberization

Set-up of a virtual contact center to link freelance workers and customers, who wish to bypass traditional intermediaries.

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