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    The education center of Ukraine, Lviv contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and over 100 000 students annually. Both Lviv and Balti offer unlimited potential and wide access to such languages as: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.

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3 Social Media Hacks to Help Your Content Go Viral

Whether you own a nonprofit or a social impact company, your cause deserves mass exposure. At times, it can feel challenging to utilize  to unlock this. With so many competing causes and companies, much of it can feel like white noise. Fortunately, thanks to today’s social media accessibility, it’s easier than ever to get shares and more eyes on your cause’s content.

How Brands Design Customer Satisfaction Surveys that Get Results

One vital way to engage your customers is by asking the right questions to engage them in an automation-based conversation with your company. It is 100% possible through the CSAT software. Customer Satisfaction Survey or CSAT helps in receiving an in-depth analysis of the customers feedback on your brand’s products and overall services.

Marketing Funnel or Flywheel?

Many inbound marketers are abandoning the marketing funnel proclaiming “the funnel is dead.” But is this true? Is the marketing funnel dead? Should we now focus solely on “The Flywheel?” In this video, I’ll walk through you through the Inbound Marketing Funnel and the Flywheel, what they are, and how you can apply them to your work and create sustainable results.

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