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Community Management :

Community management gives online presence to your brand :

Managing your community becomes more important when you increase your customer base. Your community consists of your current customers, target audiences, and all the people who interact with your brand directly and indirectly online and is spread out all over the internet and even the comment sections of articles.

Community management is about relationships and how your brand grabs opportunities to interact with your community in online spaces helping in creating long-term business with a strong brand.

The advantages of our Community Management services :
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Control customer complaints
  • Turn customers into loyal fans
  • Win over influencers and prospective customers
  • Network with other brands and collaborate with them
  • Be a strong voice in a comments section
The following are an example of some of the web moderation solutions that we can offer you :
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Social Media pages Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Forums, Blogs and other Platforms posting comments and participating in online discussions
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Dating Sites (Chats)
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community creating positive/negative Reviews

The tasks that are usually assigned to a web animator include :

  1. Regularly update the website’s sections;
  2. Search for useful information to update content, augment referencing and 3rd party links;
  3. Moderate content comments in order to respond to messages received from users;
  4. Analyze and optimize content visibility according to search preferences.

The following is a breakdown chart that illustrates GPG’s average workload in terms of online animation :

Workload Type

Online Animation

Average hours/month in 2019

By having an experienced administrator/animator supporting your organization’s online content, our clients will typically report to us that they now have more internal resource time to attract new leads by tailoring contents to individual sales prospecting requirements.

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