KPO – knowledge process outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is typically required by clients that require higher value skills sets such as advanced research of information, technical services, industrial analyses, as well as evaluation of the effects of already implemented processes. Similar to BPO, the support provided in KPO services is more dynamic with a tendency to be “one off” in nature and applied to a higher added value end result whereas Business Process Outsourcing is typically applied to more routine and administrative processes.

KPO services are often introduced into investment analysis, market entry research, R&D project reviews, automation & innovation trends, legal compliance/risk mitigation in insurance, legal, sales, marketing and accounting domains. The KPO support that is delegated to GPG Contact Center is always assigned to professionally managed teams who have highly developed analytical aptitudes and are selected
based on other skill set appropriate criteria.

The advantages of our KPO services are:

  • Agile support that is designed to respond quickly to changing needs;
  • Support can be scaled up and down quickly as required by market factors;
  • Latest analysis tools and cutting edge technology is utilized;
  • Freelance sourcing and management can be included into KPO administration support processes.

Some recent KPO support projects are listed below:

  • Research, revision and enhancement of Eastern Europe market entry analysis by multilingual experts;
  • Development of files and subject-matters;
  • Development of FMCG connected thought leading published content after market analysis;
  • Creation of background source material for specialized technology blogs.

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