Online monitoring

Online monitoring is a component of GPG’s market research service and is offered to clients as a standalone offering. Clients benefit by virtue of staying informed about announcements, new product launches or any other actionable activity, including news about your competitors from multiple sources. The information sourcing support service can include individualized comparison and analysis of the information collected as well as hierarchical data reporting dissemination and distribution.

Some of our online monitoring solutions, are listed below:

  • Media Monitoring
  • Brand Image Monitoring
  • E-commerce Monitoring
  • Industry Trend Monitoring
  • Technology Monitoring
  • Competition Monitoring

Below is a breakdown chart that illustrates average workload, in terms of Media Monitoring:

Workload Type
Media Monitoring

Average 2015
8567 hours/month

Numerous types of websites require monitoring:

  • Media news websites and video portals
  • Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and especially YouTube
  • Blogs (personal or corporate) and proprietary news feeds
  • Industry supporting forums, groups and websites hosting consumers’ feedback

The advantages of our online monitoring solutions include:

  • Leveraging our broad expertise that GPG has in this field
  • Economical pricing structures assure that clients pay low rates only for the resources that they utilize
  • We track important developments and trends, that further enhance your organization’s strategic data supported reporting capabilities
  • Track your clients’ feedback with efficient analysis that fosters the best possible courses of action for future development

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