GPG’s main facility is located in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, and we are expanding into a wider region of Southeast Europe and the Balkans, in response to our clients’ needs and requests.


The population of Moldova is largely already bilingual (Romanian-Russian) before primary education starts and has over 3.5 mln persons, with around 800 000 inhabitants in its capital (Chisinau). The study of foreign languages starts at an early stage, pupils being taught at least three foreign languages.

It takes about 3 hours to fly from the main European capitals and there are direct flights from these European cities: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Milan, Vienna, Budapest, Moscow, etc.


In April 2016 we opened our newest facility in Lviv, Ukraine the cultural capital
Europe. The city is considered to be a primary destination
for outsourcing support
due to its highly skilled labor force.


Lviv is not only logistically well-connected, with only a two-hour flight from most European capitals, but also has numerous
prominent educational institutions. Lviv enjoys having the distinction of being culturally close to the West then other cities in the Ukraine, because it shares a common history, similar work ethic and European lifestyle.

Establishing a support facility in a location that is close in proximity and culturally similar to the parent organization is a clear outsourcing trend because of cost efficiencies, familiar management acumen and logistical effectiveness. This is an important consideration when comparing bids between “nearshore providers” and remote location outsourcing.

The South-West region of Europe extends from Ukraine to Albania, passing through Moldova and Romania and continuing on through Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and other countries in the region. This footprint provides not only a geographic destination advantage that is close to all major European capitals and their markets, but also a higher standard of language skills, labor arbitrage cost efficiencies and a harmonious cultural benefit that can be leveraged from a market growth perspective.

A summary of GPG Service Advantages are:

Availability of a highly qualified labor force
Multilingual population with practical skills in at least two foreign languages
Reduction in staff training costs (outsourcing)
Optimized ratio between price and quality
Favorable investment climate for foreign investors, supported by government policies and tax laws that favor exporting of services;
Beneficial geographical location, that also enjoys historical and cultural ties to Europe

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