Database management

The creation, qualification and update of databases is basically an operational marketing technique, that aims to increase the business value of your company’s informational intelligence. GPG Contact Center has an in-depth experience and knowledge of data management, which will help you overcome any challenges related to data processing.

Here you can see some of the solutions that we are able to offer, for the creation and enrichment of Databases:

of data about prospects /
customers / suppliers
of prospects / customers
/ suppliers data
the data on prospects /
customers / suppliers

Below you can find the breakdown chart showing
our company’s average workload in terms of emails.

Workload Type
Data Management

Average / month
1000 hours

GPG Contact Center will ensure the continuity and quality of your data, over its full life cycle. We regularly update your contact details and search new prospecting data for future operations. We can create the databases in various formats, for the possible integration with your CRM programs.

The advantages of our database creation and enrichment solutions are:

  • Time-saving solutions
  • Retention of your existing clientele
  • Optimization of your prospecting efforts
  • Reduction of your internal costs
  • Optimizing the feedback, resulted from your commercial and marketing operations

Data entry is the gathering and processing of information, to generate more meaningful and substantial data. Data processing combines all the techniques and methods developed, in order to highlight the information generated, as a result of the raw data compilation. GPG Contact Center partners many companies, that wish to streamline their data management budgets, for a more successful outsourcing of their required services.

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