Data entry and data processing

Data entry is the gathering and processing of information, to generate more meaningful and substantial data. Data processing combines all the techniques and methods developed, in order to highlight the information generated, as a result of the raw data compilation. GPG Contact Center partners with organizations, who share a goal in streamlining their data management resources, allowing for a more successful outsourcing of their required services.

As part of our data processing solutions, we can offer you the following:

Coupon Data Entering
Books Data Entering
Application Data Entering
Accounting Data Entering
Catalog Data Entering
Ads Data Entering
Survey Data Entering
PO Data Entering

Journals Data Entering
Directory Data Entering
Resume Data Entering
Contracts Data Entering
Data Entry
Interview Data Entering
Address Data Entering
Brochure Data Entering

Online Data Entering
Dossier Data Entering
Subscriptions Data Entry
Checks Data Entering
Reports Data Entering
Requests for Information
Data Entry
Bills Data Entry

Internet searches
Creating databases of prospects / customers / suppliers
Updating the databases of prospects / customers / suppliers
Database qualification / filtering of prospects / customers / suppliers

The advantages of our data processing services are:

your workload;
Convert your fixed
costs into variable costs;
Achieve greater
efficiency and profitability!

In our 10 years of experience, we have had the pleasure to work with many international companies, creating and enriching their databases of customers/prospects, via Linkedin or other web/paper sources, entering questionnaire data, accounting documents and much more, updating their contact lists and mail addresses, browsing and downloading web documents as well (Easy Fairs, Axiatel and other major companies that we have NDAs signed with).

Whether it’s the management of your daily tasks involving data entry, or maybe database creation and processing, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer our customers a wide range of services and guarantee the quality of the outcome. We also have advanced infrastructure to accompany you in your data entry and data processing outsourcing projects.

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