Content Marketing

Businesses want flexible, on-demand, right-sized services that fit their immediate business needs, and that is exactly what we are able to provide you with. Imagine having a content production studio that includes animators, videographers, editors, illustrators, etc but instead of using the services of an agency these procured resources are instead agile (on demand) and managed by a single multilingual administrator.

Why is this service of value to the marketplace?

High end project management disciplines are utilized,
including optimally designed services dashboards and
communication summaries.

Supports the creation of a client organization’s own nearshore production studio (virtual) with the assistance of “pre-vetted” and rated self freelance resources, that reside in the primary cities of Moldova and Ukraine in Eastern Europe.

These freelancers have a single point of contact within GPG and directed by a single account manager
on our client’s side.

The engagement from a client’s perspective:


This business model supports a client’s project scaling requirements, by providing “just in time” pre-vetted resources. The use of a dedicated multilingual account manager between the client and freelancer/contractor is a key component to the service and what differentiates it from and types of marketplaces.


Listed below are some of the features of our content marketing solutions:

  • Content planning and consulting/editorial management. Classic outsourcing engagements (monthly/quarterly – predefined roles of support);
  • Researching and writing industry supporting content;
  • Video and animation story-board writing;
  • Content production • Landing pages • Hard copy publishing;
  • SEO Optimization /Management;
  • Content Promotion/Distribution (social media, email campaign management) via a partner organization or multiple. Work with PR or Call Center agencies;
  • Audience development (market research / data mining).
  • Education on content development. How to frame a story, engaging your readers, balancing content (weighting) where and how to place the components of the story;
  • Gamification marketing via local developer created games (apps) and opportunities for converting/promoting to marketing supporting “content”;
  • Podcasting – taking existing written content and turning it into engaging podcasts;
  • Developing and promoting webinars.

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