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BPO & KPO – Nearshore Outsourcing :

the outsourcing of different services is vital for the optimization and profitability of small to big companies as the speed of adaptation to changes, cost savings and flexibility in the use of resources have become three of the main objectives in business management. More and more companies are betting on outsourcing processes that are not part of their core business, services known as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing).

BPO consists of subcontracting the operation of certain business processes to a specialized BPO service provider.

Even though KPO is a subcategory of BPO, KPO implies more analytical, specific and knowledge-based work.

KPO is the outsourcing of information-related business tasks or knowledge-based processes to service providers that have advanced degrees and expertise in a specialized area. Thanks to KPO services, a company can immediately add experts in specific fields to increase earnings and competitiveness.

BPO and KPO at GPG are not about simple outsourcing, but redefining the conditions of business processes in order to achieve results that completely exceed those that would be obtained simply by cutting costs.

As a nearshore outsourcing company for most European countries, GPG become a strategic partner in providing BPO and KPO solutions, who can explore innovative and high-value solutions for Customers, while also handling existing processes. Customers reduce costs, improve service levels and get integrated through process management, gaining access to best-in-class processes without owning or acquiring technology and skills.

By nearshore outsourcing, that is to say abroad, but as opposed to the concept of “offshore”, by this we mean a geographical proximity between the Customer and the service provider. This proximity will, of course, be first of all geographic and then also cultural proximity. Geographical proximity makes it possible to increase physical contact thanks to short and simplified trips, identical or very close time zones. In a long-distance relationship, this proximity is often essential because one of the difficulties of outsourcing is precisely the management of this long-distance relationship which must be manageable and which will require travel, often in both directions. First of all, trainer and supervisor travel from the principal to the supplier but also in the other direction, dispatch of service provider managers to the Customer in order to allow better fluidity in the processes to be set up between them. Cultural proximity is also a factor that must be taken into account and which will be likely to improve this fluidity in the production processes thanks to better knowledge between the different stakeholders, so as to facilitate exchanges thanks to reciprocal recognition, better professional or even personal relational quality and therefore, real respect and mutual trust between these different stakeholders. At GPG, our establishments in Eastern countries are clearly a “nearshore” outsourcing by the geographical proximity to all the European capitals which are on average three hours away but also a cultural proximity because all the countries of the east have a strong cultural proximity with the countries of the west of Europe as opposed to more distant destinations, where we will encounter much more pronounced societal and cultural differences. In certain cases, when the services are of a more automatic, repetitive or even simple nature, this geographical or even cultural proximity may be less important, and therefore, the cost may take on a greater weight in decision-making. At GPG, we have the necessary expertise and the nearshore and offshore locations that allow us to offer you the solution that best suits your needs (this is the notion of Best Shoring or Smart Shoring), thus making proposals to you that will be specific and based on your specifications, whether in terms of quality and/or reduction of your costs.

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