Ways to Boost Call Center Sales

Sales can be hard to execute in a call center. Customers are not always receptive to sales pitches or do not have the time to listen. But call centers, traditionally seen as cost centers, are being transformed into revenue centers by successful businesses. That is why it is always helpful for both management and agents to have tips to aid in boosting sales. Here are a few ways to enhance sales performance in a call center while ensuring high retention rates.

Hiring the right agents is the best way to garner sales. Extroverted agents are more social, so they will not have a problem immediately establishing a conversation. A quiet agent will have trouble conversing with clients, leading to short exchanges. With that, the chance of making any sales decreases dramatically. Find agents who want to engage and are willing to go the extra mile, and who can communicate naturally.

Even the best, most extroverted agents need good opening lines for calls. Here are two bad examples of immediate deterrents: “I know you’re busy but…” and “You don’t know me, but…” So, what would be more positive and welcoming approaches to get good responses? “Are you free to talk for two minutes?” This allows the customer to feel they have the option of staying on the phone or declining the call. Another example is: “Hello. I have an offer for you that you may be interested in, which solves the problem of…” Here, there is the intrigue of a possible benefit if the customer stays on the line. Eventually, this will become second nature to an agent, as reactions continually stay positive.

Employees can learn a lot from one another. When an agent makes a sale, have that person share with the team what was done to achieve the positive result. At the same time, divide employees into teams and create competitions. Whichever side makes the most sales not only has to share what tactics worked the best but is also rewarded with a gift card or free breakfast. It gives everyone a little nudge to want to perform better.

Track missed calls. Despite how well businesses try to staff, 69 percent of clients phoning call centers will hang up after a certain period of time. If call tracking and monitoring software is put in place, missed calls can be located and picked up during slower times. It is showing great customer service. This will also help to determine when the busiest call times are to adjust staffing, if need be.

Finally, invest in high-quality noise-cancelling headsets. Customers hate it if agents cannot be heard, so ensure that is not an issue. If all of these tips are implemented, sales in a call center should be fairly easy to come by.

Source: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/call-center-management/articles/435117-ways-boost-call-center-sales.htm

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