Top Tools for Sales and Marketing Managers

From finding prospects and communicating with clients to managing the team, there are a number of tools out there to help make sales and marketing managers’ life easier! Here are some of the top tools we’ve found for sales and marketing managers:


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools on the market. It allows you to oversee every aspect of sales from opportunities and leads to support and training for the team. Having an umbrella tool like Salesforce with available extensions to customise it to your needs is a great benefit for sales and marketing managers. It allows you to manage your whole sales process from start to finish in one place.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform, allowing leads to be nurtured automatically and instantly. It takes data about unique website visitors and translates this into an automated reach out response that starts to nurture the lead based on what they found of interest on your company’s website. is a cloud-based telecommunications tool. The outbound dialer is integrated with Salesforce, allowing your sales team to efficiently make calls to leads. They even change the outgoing number that your sales team are calling from based on the lead’s area code, as people are more likely to answer a number with a similar area code. The tool also offers analytics for all calls, meaning you can analyse and adapt your telesales efforts.


LinkedIn is one of the most valuable tools for sourcing new leads. Its advanced search and InMail features allow you to efficiently pinpoint exactly who you need to be talking to and send a non-intrusive introductory message to make a connection. You can also often find contact numbers, email addresses and website details on the majority of profiles, making further contact simple!


Dropbox is a cloud computing tool which allows you to share specific files and folders with employees and customers. It is also a great way to back up all data securely and allow you to have access to it anywhere with internet access, making remote working easy.


Google has a variety of useful tools for sales and marketing managers to make the most of. Google Analytics is one of the best free website analytics tools available for monitoring online efforts. Gogle’s Calendar app is great for sharing and collaborating with the team and customers. And when comes to holding remote meetings with customers and/or sales people, Google Plus Hangouts is a free video conferencing tool that allows multiple parties to join a conference call.



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