Tips to Boost Call Center Performance

Call centers are known for having extremely high turnover rates. In 2016, the rate was between 30 and 45 percent, nearly half of the workforce. It becomes a big customer service concern, as new agents often do not get the proper training needed to address client concerns. Thrown into a situation, new agents have to muddle through rough terrain which can be disconcerting for customers.

This is why employers must always be on the lookout for tips to keep agents happy, while keeping turnover low and boosting performance. There are many ways to keep agents happy and motivated. Here are a few that have been implemented and proven to work in other centers.

Employers need to encourage repeat positive behavior. When a positive call has been detected, it is imperative to gather agents around to listen. This reiterates to the active agent what was done properly, while setting a bar for the rest of the team. Push each other to do better and to achieve the best they can, while lighting a fire inside not under.

Ensure agents have the proper information to hand off to customers so no one feels ill-informed. This eliminates employee stress while improving customer experience. If the customer’s information and user history comes up based on a telephone number, agents will be far more prepared to assist. The conversation is personalized and a comfortable banter can be created.

Having a flexible work environment is key for success, as Canterbury City Council’s customer service operation quickly learned. When half of the staff started to work remotely, performance and productivity increased by 15-20 percent while the number of calls handled went up 30 percent. Retention and motivation increased, as well.

What agent desktop does your call center use? It might be time to upgrade – some systems aid the agents more by taking them step-by-step through the process while they speak with clients. This deeply eases stress for agents while continuing to enhance customer service.

In a 2016, it was discovered that 65 percent of senior managers had never taken a contact center call. The old saying goes “you cannot ask your employees to do what you won’t.” How can managers understand stress of agents having never been in that position? Take a day to be an agent; be in the trenches. Let agents hear the recordings, analyze, and have a conversation about the good and the bad.

What tips will you implement in your call center to boost performance?


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