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    The education center of Ukraine, Lviv contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and over 100 000 students annually. Both Lviv and Balti offer unlimited potential and wide access to such languages as: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.

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3 Tips for using call centre technology to improve productivity

Enhancing call centre productivity depends largely on the type of tools used for the job. If effective and collaborative means are implemented, efficiency and productivity are almost guaranteed to increase.
In today’s technology market, there is no shortage in the range of choices of call centre software with a multitude of capabilities fit for your centre needs. Choosing the right package is only the start of implementing progressive changes in your company.
Because of this, you have to make sure you start right by building the correct foundation.

London Call & Contact Centre Expo

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21 & 22 March 2018

GPG cordially invites you to join us and get a chance to meet with our CEO, Mr. Olivier Prado.
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6 facts about call center that will surprise you

Call Center – many people when they hear those words begin to count how many telephone calls they have answered from telephone operators so far this week. But have you ever wondered what you really know about call centers? Here are 10 facts that will surprise you.

5 Ways to Make Work Fun at Call Centers

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the service and assistance offered by the contact centre. And it is conventional wisdom that happy employees offer the best customer services. So, once you have a pool of vibrant employee ready to rub off their optimism onto the clients, ensure that their effervescence remains intact. Don’t let them feel like a cog in an impersonal machine. The gamification of the work process will boost their performance, which in turn will result in higher rate of client acquisition and retention.

Better Understanding About B2B Customer Support

Despite the widely accepted tenet that “the customer is always right”, the reality is that the statement completely depends on who the customer is and how you define “right”.

If you are a business selling to a business (B2B), being “right” is significantly less important than getting the problem solved. Obviously, you know your B2B company has to provide great customer support if you want clients to return. But the standard assumptions about customer support in a B2C environment don’t work in a B2B environment.

5 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics You Need

Figures show there is a lack of performance metrics established in the call center.Without proper performance metrics in place, contact centers miss out valuable opportunities to drive customer service excellence that results in a better customer experience overall. It’s simply a shot in the dark to determine agent strengths and weaknesses.

Ways to Boost Call Center Sales

Sales can be hard to execute in a call center. Customers are not always receptive to sales pitches or do not have the time to listen. But call centers, traditionally seen as cost centers, are being transformed into revenue centers by successful businesses. That is why it is always helpful for both management and agents to have tips to aid in boosting sales. Here are a few ways to enhance sales performance in a call center while ensuring high retention rates.

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