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    The education center of Ukraine, Lviv contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and over 100 000 students annually. Both Lviv and Balti offer unlimited potential and wide access to such languages as: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.

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9 Ways to Prepare Your Contact Centre for Coronavirus

Parts of Asia and Europe have been hit hard by coronavirus, and it is now making its way west.

A leaked government document suggested that 80% of the UK population could be infected by the outbreak, in a “reasonable worst case” scenario, as reported in The Independent.

Whether such prophecies come to fruition remains to be seen, but there is seemingly little doubt that the virus will soon start to impact the global workplace.

3 Resolutions to Convince and Convert Customers in 2020

It’s never a bad time to improve your marketing strategies. With a new year just around the corner—and a whole new decade, at that—everyone is making resolutions to better their lives and their businesses. What better time to resolve to increase engagement and action with your customers?

Convincing and Converting Buyers Through Social Media Marketing

Social media has absolutely revolutionized the many ways that brands can market to potential buyers. Through the ability to reach vast numbers of people, exposure to new brands is now easier than ever. Brand communities give products and their makers a chance to cultivate dedicated audiences that help boost word-of-mouth, which, as we all know, is the most powerful marketing available.

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