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    The education center of Ukraine, Lviv contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and over 100 000 students annually. Both Lviv and Balti offer unlimited potential and wide access to such languages as: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.

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How To Avoid Vanity Metrics When Measuring Social Media (And What To Use Instead)

Social media is an increasingly popular channel for digital marketing activities. It’s ability to reach wide audiences, in a targeted and engaging way, has encouraged many organisations to build this channel into their digital marketing plans. Social media can help drive awareness, drive brand engagement and has a lot more offer – but how do we know that we are using the right measures to track its success?

Why Mature Companies Fail At Leading Digital Transformation

While attending the Fortune Brainstorm Tech this year, I heard from leading executives of companies like Walmart, Mattel, Ford, Intel, Qualcomm, Target, Macy’s, and others on a wide range of topics, including the challenges on leading digital transformation and innovation. Most of the top executives from mature incumbent companies outside of the tech space amplified the extreme challenges and impediments put forth in The Incumbent’s NightmareTransformative innovation—often thought of as digital transformation—is extremely difficult for incumbents, as markets have given companies like Amazon and Google an incredible and unfair advantage.

3 Sink Or Swim Points In Every Sales Cycle

No matter what you are selling, every sales cycle has 3 points in common. These ‘sink or swim’ points define the success or failure of that sale; and every salesperson needs to be able to recognise to control those moments.

Delivering Campaign Success: Moving Beyond Traditional KPIs

Today, marketing professionals have access to more data than ever before. Digital marketing is providing quantifiable measures and KPIs across channels covering interactions with customers, behaviour, choices, feelings, purchasing history, etc. At the same time, technology has significantly evolved, allowing us to collect, process and utilise data at any stage of planning and delivery of integrated campaigns.

Want Satisfied Customers? Spend Time with Them

Studies show that as companies become more prominent, leaders become more distant from customers. They spend more time managing the organization and investors, less time with customers. They believe their role ends with training employees. A 2017 HBR survey of 1,000 CEOs found that, on average, CEOs spend 10 percent of their time with clients, 7 percent with suppliers and the rest with internal groups. In other words, unless you’re a big customer, you likely won’t get any attention from the CEO or his/her leadership team. The C-Suite is very isolated from its customers—at companies that ultimately fail.

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