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Better Understanding About B2B Customer Support

Despite the widely accepted tenet that “the customer is always right”, the reality is that the statement completely depends on who the customer is and how you define “right”.

If you are a business selling to a business (B2B), being “right” is significantly less important than getting the problem solved. Obviously, you know your B2B company has to provide great customer support if you want clients to return. But the standard assumptions about customer support in a B2C environment don’t work in a B2B environment.

5 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics You Need

Figures show there is a lack of performance metrics established in the call center.Without proper performance metrics in place, contact centers miss out valuable opportunities to drive customer service excellence that results in a better customer experience overall. It’s simply a shot in the dark to determine agent strengths and weaknesses.

Ways to Boost Call Center Sales

Sales can be hard to execute in a call center. Customers are not always receptive to sales pitches or do not have the time to listen. But call centers, traditionally seen as cost centers, are being transformed into revenue centers by successful businesses. That is why it is always helpful for both management and agents to have tips to aid in boosting sales. Here are a few ways to enhance sales performance in a call center while ensuring high retention rates.

How Technology Impacts Agent Efficiency in the Call Center

Businesses adopt call center technology—any technology, really—to accomplish two goals: lower costs and grow profits. Sometimes referred to as the double-sided coin of efficiency and productivity, managers and executives are constantly seeking new ways to drive more value from it. In particular, they wonder how their “coin” of a solution can drive individual call center agent efficiency.

It’s a great question to ask and think through. And, it does have answers. Technology can play a huge role in personal efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Here are eight ways it plays out in the call center environment.

Tips to Boost Call Center Performance

Call centers are known for having extremely high turnover rates. In 2016, the rate was between 30 and 45 percent, nearly half of the workforce. It becomes a big customer service concern, as new agents often do not get the proper training needed to address client concerns. Thrown into a situation, new agents have to muddle through rough terrain which can be disconcerting for customers.

Why The Call Center Matters More than Ever

Investment in omni-channel customer service is a prominent corporate trend. Companies are looking to text, Web self-service, instant messaging and just about any other method they can find to deliver a better customer experience. But while all of those channels can be useful in retaining customers and building loyalty, too many brands are not paying enough attention to the most important customer channel they have: the telephone.

The secret life of a call centre worker: a degree of compassion never hurts

Call-centre workers have it tough. Like retail staff, we are frontline cannon fodder. We have the task of dealing with people who are in the majority of cases lovely and reasonable but also sometimes disgruntled and short of patience. If you work 40 hours a week, the last thing you want to do is spend 20 minutes on the phone to a stranger discussing why your bill has gone up 30%. Who can blame them?

How to Protect Your Call Center Agents from Burnout

Any job in a call center can wear people down, especially those in high-volume retail, technical or collections departments. It’s no wonder that call center employees have an above-average turnover rate. During the busy holiday season, call center agents can get even more stressed out from the number and type of calls they get.

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