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    The education center of Ukraine, Lviv contains a total of 12 universities, 8 academies and over 100 000 students annually. Both Lviv and Balti offer unlimited potential and wide access to such languages as: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.

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Phones are one of the key channels in which businesses can invest in to further their growth. However, choosing the right channel is an art in itself. If you would like to figure out, which channel to shortlist from phones, email, social media, live chat, or knowledge base do check out this page on call center software which has a detailed description of the various channels and when it would be advisable to use them.

The 9 Most Important Call Center Trends to Watch in 2018

We saw a lot of changes to the call center and customer experience landscape in 2017. Cloud communications and virtual agents were on the forefront of everyone’s minds, and social media was more important than ever. 2018 is shaping up to be the year of strategic thinking: better analytics, more intentional social media conversations and innovative ways to involve artificial intelligence. To help you stay on target for 2018, we’ve identified nine of the most influential trends affecting centers so far.

4 easy ways to find call centre outsourcers

Trying to find the right call centre outsourcers your business can be difficult to navigate. Firstly you’ve got the challenge of just finding out who and where all the call centre outsourcers are located and then it’s a matter of considering important things like price, quality and reputation. But how do you decide who’s right for you when there are literally hundreds of call centre outsourcers to choose from?

Motivational Games for Call Centres

Games can be a great way to motivate advisors, so we asked some experts and our readers to suggest a few of the best for call centre teams.
But these suggestions come with a warning. While incentives, both for teams and individuals, can significantly improve performance, they need to be carefully deployed.
Make a tactical decision as to when to run an incentive, perhaps when employee engagement is low, and you will see immediate results.

8 Tips for Reducing Call Handling Times

For contact centers, average handle time (AHT) is one of the most important measurable metrics.

This measurement determines the average amount of time a contact center agent maintains contact with a customer. When properly analyzed, AHT can provide valuable insights into the efficiency and overall productivity of agents as well as a customer’s likely satisfaction rating.

10 Ways to Support Your Best Customers

Even if you’re not in the customer service business, there’s one clear way to please your customers: act like serving them is your first priority. We’ve compiled tips from expert interviews and articles to find the most poignant pointers for pleasing your most valuable customers.

Top 9 call center memes for 2017

We have compiled the top 10 call centre memes for 2017 measured by likes. So if you want to enjoy a good laugh about all things call centres we hope you enjoy the top 10 call centre memes for 2017 below.

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