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The Importance of Market Segmentation

No matter how large or small your company, no matter what your specialism is, your entire marketing planning and implementation should always be based on your customers. After all, the very essence of marketing is to build relationships with these people, the people you define as ‘your customers’. So how do you form a relationship with someone?

You take the time to get to know them.

The Right Words and Phrases to Say to an Angry Customer (2)

So, we now know what phrases to use when dealing with the different types of angry customers in the call centre. But what specific words are central to all of these expressions? Find out below, and if you remember these words, the right statements to use should start to fall off the tip of your tongue. You can also build them into your call centre spiels.

Managing Call-Backs in the Call Centre

It’s simple to throw technology or people at the challenge of managing call-backs in the call centre but it’s far more difficult to manage the process to deliver optimal outcomes. Richard Farrell explains how it can be done.

Importance Of Consistency Among Different Channels In The Contact Center

Recently I was asked to participate in an expert round-up for how Fortune 500 companies Manage their Contact Center(s). More specifically, I was asked to provide insight on the importance of consistency among different channels within a Contact Center. There is a wide range of channels available in the Contact Center industry. Traditional calling is no longer the sole standard and thus the Call Center has evolved to the Contact Center, offering multiple channels such as email, chat, SMS, video, self-serve, social media etc.

How to Have Fun in Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Let’s face it, telemarketing isn’t always “fun”. As an operations manager in an outsourced telemarketing agency with agents in a brick and mortar setting as well as in an at home setting, I know first-hand what it takes to make the job fun for the agents. But before I tell you my secrets, let me take you through the job. It’s not easy work. It takes dedication, self-motivation and the drive to want to succeed. Think about these items when creating incentives:

In-house Vs. Outsourced Telemarketing – Which is better?

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for all kind of companies (service-oriented or a product based) that want to leave an impression. A responsive, precise, and professional response to the customers’ query not only aids to cling and return a happy client but also offers confidence in the business. If the business is new or in expansion mode, it is often tough to offer prompt attention to customer calls. This is due to the limited number of employee available and humungous tasks meant to deliver.

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