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The Marketing Planning Processes

The importance of planning

The preparation of marketing plans can be viewed as a welcome distraction from the everyday running of a business, providing the opportunity to put in some solid thinking about where the business needs to be going. Alternatively it may be seen as a necessary evil, a time-consuming process producing a report that rapidly dates and is soon forgotten.

Call Back Technology

Customer complaints about queues are a perennial issue for contact centres. Suzette Bouzane Meadows and Richard Farrell demonstrate how call back technology can help solve the issue and provide more effective customer service.

The Important Role of Sales In An Organisation

In any organisation, the sales department plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that the organisation offers that can fulfil their needs.

How to Speak Like a Leader

A leader tries to guide and motivate others to take action and implement change. Of course, there are many ways of doing that, but it’s important to note that leadership doesn’t involve forcing people to act in a certain way.

Training the Trainer – Tips on Making it Work

Helen Camm reckons that train the trainer programmes are the perfect antidote to the circus of development initiatives that take place year in, year out in the call centre

On the face of it, employing an external specialist provider to design and deliver innovative and content rich training to improve business performance seems the ideal solution.

Martisor – a beautiful tradition in Moldova and Romania

Every spring on March 1 people in Moldova, along with their neighbors in Romania and elsewhere where Romanians live, celebrate Mărțișor (Romanian pronunciation: [mərt͡siˈʃor]. They celebrate the rebirth of life after the hard winter. On this day men offer to their beloved women flowers and martisors (the symbol of serenity and happiness).

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