7 Things only a call centre worker will understand

Its a special and unique experience working in a call centre where friends for life are made, skills are learnt and customers… well, they can be interesting! For those of us who have spent hours on the phones I’m sure you will be able to relate to most of these…

1. Having to be at your desk 20 minutes early to load up and log in to all the different programs needed before you can take your first call for the shift. IN. YOUR. OWN. TIME.

2. The little thrill you get when you ‘accidentally’ disconnect a call when speaking to a particularly awful customer.

3. The very short (and increasingly rare!) moments you get between calls and cherishing the moments as if they were your last on Earth.

4. The awkward chit-chat you have to make with a customer trying to cover up how crap your system is when its running slow. Which is MOST OF THE TIME!

5. Drawing the short straw sitting beside the one colleague who’s voice is so loud that your customer actually thinks they are speaking to them.

6. When despite how terrible you might be feeling, you’re a professional so you try and pretend to be cheerful when speaking to a customer. They really should hand out Academy Awards for some of those performances.

7. That colleague who seems to know absolutely everything about everything and tells you what you should have said on your last call, and how you should have entered it into the system.

So there you have it, 7 things only a call centre worker will understand that we hope gave you a laugh or two!


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