6 facts about call center that will surprise you

Call Center – many people when they hear those words begin to count how many telephone calls they have answered from telephone operators so far this week. But have you ever wondered what you really know about call centers? Here are 10 facts that will surprise you.

1.It is best to phone 16.00
In an ideal world, a call center would telephone exactly when you have time and want to talk. Unfortunately each of us is familiar with a situation when the telephone rings and the customer service advisor “catches” us in the least convenient moment – when we’re riding on a packed tram or when we’re at work. Why? It is obvious: just as there are many different customers, there are many different preferences to the time they’d like to be contacted, even though a day has only 24 hours. Paradox? Not exactly. The world is turning and the customers turn with it. The everyday plan of each of them can be different. So it is difficult then to say which is the “best” time to call. But as is turns out, it is not impossible. Experience can help us with this. Interestingly, that is also the best time for consultants to undertake a call, they meet the customer’s needs effectively, it is easier for them to choose their words, they are enthusiastic about their job. And it is most likely that both sides will be completely happy with the contact.

2. We don’t guess – we analyze
Of course in an ideal world, when phoning a customer, the consultant would know exactly what they needed, how much they could pay for it and how to get it to them. But we know that ideal worlds exist only in fairy tales. Which doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying to make it a reality. Even more so as CCIG has the tools and data to do so. By analyzing data we can get to know the customer. From his shopping history, we can find out what interests him. Checking his calls to the technical helpdesk can tell us what product or service could help him. If a company knows its customers well, both sides benefit. The advantage for the company is obvious – possibility of more sales. What does the customer gain? Above all, he saves time. He isn’t flooded with offers that he doesn’t want, because the company can prepare something he really needs. It’s a win-win scenario.

Based on reports we also know when and how the customers prefer to be contacted and so we can effectively organize the staffing of consultants. This is an advantage for our contractors, who don’t need to worry about how to occupy their workers when there a less calls, or how to cope during the hours when the amount of calls increases. Thanks to the interior call center services they are guaranteed that their customers will receive a professional service whenever they need it.

3. You can do so much
In these times when each customer has access to all the shops and services of the world in the palm of their hand (eg smartphones), companies know that they have to do everything to be as close to their customers as possible. More and more rarely do we have the time and desire to visit actual shops and service points. And even if that happens, and we find ourselves stuck in a queue, it is highly likely that we’ll decide to sort it out by telephone or over the internet. Which means that telephone consultants are taking over the role of advisors from shop assistants. They have a lot of knowledge about products and offers. They can offer to extend contracts of offer discounts. In general, you can do everything with them that you could do in a shop, the difference being that you do it in a way which is convenient for you. Because even if the consultant phones you at an inconvenient time, you can ask them to contact you at a better moment. Which is why, next time you answer the phone to a call from a customer service bureau, give the consultant the chance to explain the offer – even if you’re not interested in the offer that they prepared, perhaps they will be able to offer something that suits you better.

4. Technology is not the be all and end all
The rapid development of technology allows us to, among other things, make reports, check that connections are fluid and even more effective (eg thanks to applications for the automatic choosing of numbers). But we need to state clearly – just technology is not enough. In customer service, the most important things are contact with the client and being sensitive to their needs. Because even the best tools, without professional service are ineffective. For example, livechat – a more and more popular chat window on a website, allowing the customer to contact the advisor in real time. But only consultants with experience in using instant messenger, know how to effectively advise up to 5 customers at the same time.

5.We like innovation
Attention needs to be paid also to the needs of contractors. The supervisors of the GPG projects are particularly observant and analytical of the call and services of each of their clients. Thanks to this they can bring about innovations which improve things. For example? At the positions of the consultants dealing with the loyalty program we added an extra monitor. On one screen the consultant can see the conversation script, on the other they can write necessary information. Which substantially reduces the time it takes to input data. An effective increases.

6. A call center is a great place to start a career
Consultants can create a flexible schedule, thanks to which it is easy for them to combine the “handset” with other responsibilities such as studying. At the same time they can study, earn money and gain professional experience and useful skills. Whilst working on telephone helplines or sales projects, they can get practical “soft” skills such as empathy, ability to listen, openness to other people and creativity. The practical experience of undertaking conversations even with very demanding clients will pay off in the future. Our consultants gain self-confidence, flexibility in different situations, are innovative and learn fast. Each conversation undertaken on the “handset” develops personality and enriches competencies which potential employers are looking for.

Source: https://ccig.pl/en/10-facts-about-call-center-that-will-surprise-you/

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