5 Other Benefits of RPA

In addition to the processes listed before, here are a number of potential benefits that you will likely realize after implementing RPA technology.

1. Increased Employee Engagement

Employee experience will improve, and not necessarily just in the contact centre. Just think of your payroll, a process that requires manual intervention month after month, every year. RPA could be used to extract the details that are required from time-sheets to calculate pay.

Employees will be happy when efficiency improves and processes are streamlined. Take form-filling, that’s a process that could easily be automated.

By allowing employees to focus less on admin and more on strategic work, employee satisfaction will improve and turnover will decrease.

2. Spotting Patterns in Customer Behaviour

As a business you will also find new ways to meet customer needs. AI can notice patterns in a customer’s account activity that may suggest a problem.

An automated alert can then be sent to an advisor who could contact the customer and provide excellent proactive customer service.

3. Fewer Routine Tasks

While advisors enjoy the efficiency benefits and fewer tedious workflows, they also benefit from fewer mistakes that, in the past, led to stress and backlogs.

By eliminating routine “admin” tasks, you will lower the chances of advisors feeling bogged down and demotivated.

Therefore, as more and more contact centres implement RPA technology, the advisor role will likely change, as instead of doing these routine tasks, they will be engaging more with customers – which will have many wider implications.

4. Improving Accuracy

Errors are costly to customer satisfaction and, potentially, to your organization’s reputation. Anything you can do to reduce errors is going to be a good thing.

By automating manual tasks that are normally performed by a human, you can reduce error rates and improve the customer experience with greater accuracy, which you’ll see in fewer customer complaints.

5. Improved Advisor Retention

By removing mundane tasks and enabling advisors to carry out more interesting work, RPA enhances the status of the advisor’s role. This in turn will improve job satisfaction and can lead to improved advisor retention.

It may also do so if you employ RPA for “agent assist”, as you are offering the team a constant source of support, with advisors having immediate access to a knowledge source, in case they are struggling to answer a query.

In this sense, using RPA as a proactive source of knowledge can also support advisor training and lower their “time to competence”.


Source: https://www.callcentrehelper.com/robotic-process-automation-143486.htm

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